Saturday, July 30, 2011

I am glad that I live in this BEAUTIFUL world....theme for 2011-2012 school year

How happy I am to get to work on a theme that has purpose and meaning. I have shared with you the big picture, but the nitty gritty details and pouring out of my head. This has been the catalyst for such an amazing idea for our school year, not to mention a whole lot of prayer. I made an over head projector transparency of the world at Office Depot for $.60 and plan on using the overhead projector at the church to blow it up on and trace it on the coordinating colors for felt. If any of you feel like joining me one night at the church, don't be afraid to jump up and down!

Our first 2 week theme will be: Camp Friend School as we study North America. I purchased these North American animals today and can't wait to use them. I am going to put puffy fabric paint dots on the bottoms of the animals to match the Continent colors so that the little one's will know what container they go in.
A reminder of the song we will be using each morning while we point to each continent on the map in front of them:

The tune is "Freres Jacque."

North America, South America,

Europe, Asia, Africa; Europe, Asia, Africa,

Australia, Australia,

Antarctica, Antarctica.

I will link to all of the fun activties as I empty my head over the next few days. I am also going to create a bi-weekly check list for each theme that we can go through when mom's come to hang out so that we can ensure each little one is "mastering" the shelf work.


  1. Steph, thanks for linking my activity :-)
    I'm glad you found the inspiration for activities with your children on my blog.

    Kisses & hugs from Croatia


  2. Hip Hip Hooray! I just feel blessed to know you my dear Steph! Can't wait for this year to begin!!

  3. This is super exciting! This blog is wonderful, these activities are wonderful and you are wonderful! I also feel blessed to have you as a friend:) Hugs