Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Super Snack Fun

For snacks this upcoming preschool year, I would love it if we would follow a basic outline of:

Day 1: Theme Snack
Day 2: Alphabet letter Snack
Day 3: True Montessori/practical life snack

Soooo...to help you get a better idea of what I mean here is what I will be doing for week 1.

Theme: Camp Friend School in the woods of North America (letter r).

Day 1: Friend School Trail Mix....they will mix 1/8 cup of each of the following:
dry cereal, pretzels, gummy bears (bears in the woods, right ;)), marshmellows and put it in a fun baggie themselves
(side note: we will eat this in our tent while reading a book!)

Day 2: Raisins face racoons (they will frost a sugar cookie with gray frosting and then use the raisins and a black icing tube to decorate..I will have an example!)..a little work but will be fun with the forest theme.

Day 3: Cut off tops of strawberries with pairing knife themselves, dip in yogurt that they spoon into the bowl.

They of course will always pour their own drink and clean up the mess!

Great sites for snack ideas:
Mother Hubbards has an entire cook book letter by letter that is free!
Mama Jenn has some very creative snack ideas (love the rainbow cakes!)
My Montessori Journey offers a variety of Montessori "work" ideas
Muffin Tin Mom has super awesome pictures and ideas for muffin tin meals/snacks..love it!

Of course there are tons of others, I think the key is to think outside of the goldfish and graham cracker box!

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  1. I LOVE this! Thanks for the great example and for the links!