Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Handwritng Shelves

Our handwriting shelves will stay very much the same for the year. Each little one's picture has a magnet on it to go in front of their tray (yep, they are old cardboard boxes that come from canned goods! very environmental friendly AND cheap!). In each "handwriting box" there are the letter writing books and journals. I also have name writing activities in a single tray, dry erase boards, and clip boards (which are a must IMO for helping little one's learn to write well!)

The Red Letter Handwriting worksheets inside I made at this free site. I made 3 sheets for each week. The first has the letter upper and lower case that are traced the whole time, the next day rotates between tracing, and trying on their own. The third is all on their own with starting dots at the top of the line. (Save your cutie pie the tears when learning to write their letters by always giving them a starting dot and then teach them the language of writing!).

What writing they don't finish, they take home on Thursday to bring back on Monday.

RED LETTER ORDER: r a m f b i t g

The journals are used often in our classroom and I keep a giant binder clip inside so that they don't "write" in their entire book the first day!

NAME WRITING doesn't look all that cool I know, but having it in one tray makes it much easier for me!

I will rotate the variety of handwriting games we play. Currently they are loving it when I have them lay out their milk cap names and then I "steal" a letter and they have to guess which one was taken!

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