Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Language shelves in the Forest of North America

Language shelves are a constant work in progress, trying to find things that will increase the little ones love of letters but hold their attention as well.

Some of the standard things include: sand for writing in, mini chalk board, and a variety of puzzles, find the letters, and letter tracers etc.

The ever popular letter bags and letter books. These are made from simple felt with fabric puffy paint on the front. The letter books have pictures of words that start with that sound.

Find the Letter R activity has been MY favorite this week!
I found this amazing collection of animal cards at the local thrift store for $ had never been opened! You can only imagine my joy as I went through all 400+ animals.

This game is played by using our "eyeballs" to search the animal name section of the cards to see if they can find an upper or lower case letter R.

This will be a must have on the shelves all year (after all, I do have 400 cards!).

We are using the "In the Forest" emergent reader found at Kidsparkz. We have circled all of the letter Aa's and Rr's and the kiddos are loving "reading" the book to me! While this is purely memorization, they are all recognizing a lot of letters and using their finger to follow the rhythm of the story. They especially enjoyed reading it in the tent in sleeping bags.

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