Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Helpful things we have in our classroom!

I found a perfect condition bulletin board at the local thrift store for $3. Then I covered it with a bunch of scrapbook paper from my "collection" and used a staple gun to secure ribbon on it. The kids have enjoyed being able to hand up their work. This hangs from the closet handles and is just right at their eye I can easily put it away when school isn't in session since my DH prefers to use the family room for something other than school!

I found this over the door storage container at Walmart for $6 in their college stuff. It has sooo many pockets etc. and I can put everything for my two week units in it so that I don't have to search for everything.

Stair Trays are my answer for what to do with everyone's stuff while working. Since we are in the basement this was the perfect solution. Once they are done with a paper they just drop in the box. On our way up to get ready to go home they carry their stair tray with them and can easily load their back packs or hand their super good work to mom!

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