Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Other fun activites this unit!

These are some forest animal stamps from my collection (I think Close to My Heart...maybe thanks to Sharon??) with a stamp pad and small clipboard and paper to make it easy. This sits on the shelf NEXT to a container of can only imagine why!

Pencil sharpening has also been a huge hit! This box started out with 15 pencils in it. Great job cuties!

No camping experience would be complete without going fishing! This collection of fish came from my MIL years ago that I have laminated and put magnets AND paper clips on. The fishing pole came from a puzzle that we have.

Mirror Washing

The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this activity! They use the dry erase marker to write on the mirror, spray some water on it (this is an old, cleaned out peppermint oil bottle so it smells soooo good!) and then use the special cloth to clean it. This is one that they all do each day and I foresee it returning again in the very near future ;0!

Lacing beads in a fun basket....oops! I didn't check to see if it had been cleaned up correctly...see the red bead in the lace basket???


My personal favorite is the little jar with the quark in the top. Each of the items has a little surprise inside that the cutie must get out and then put back in when ready to finish up. The other part of the fun to this is the fact that they must put the largest items in first!

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